Thursday, August 28, 2008

More snow!

Originally posted circa March 26, 2003

It's still snowing ("1-3 inches", but it looks like there's more than that on the ground), and tomorrow has a prediction of 10". WOW! What a wintery, uhm, winter!

I received a nice phone call from Mom, saying she'd like to visit March 8th through 11th. Cool! I received a nice phone call from Diane, where both she and her mother spend most of the time coaching Elena Marie to say "Papa". Nothing came of it, 'cause she was fascinated by the telephone.

The XML class I'm supposed to teach tonight is cancelled, YEAH! which means I must teach a make-up class March 19th, BOO! Good thing I have all the course notes completed and photocopies ready for the students.

I had a ham and cheese omelette (with rye toast) and carrot-apple juice for breakfast this morning, and I haven't been hungry since then. So, what should I have for supper?

's funny: I drove the buick to the repair shop (7/10ths of a mile from my house) to replace the brake pads and wheel cylinders. Then I ran home -- what an experience! The sidewalks are not plowed, and it's much too dangerous to walk on Braddock road. So, here I was, Aranthajut, running on/in the snowbanks along the side of the road. Thankfully, I was wearing a nice, warm scarf to keep me toasty.

I hope your day is going well. My days are getting better and better, as I'll be picking up my Swee-theart and bunsoh (ELENAMARIEEEE! Do-di-do-di-doot!) at the airport Friday afternoon.

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Beki said...

I can't believe all the snow you are getting! I hope it doesn't mess up sweetie's plane on Friday.

I found an old letter from you to me that you wrote when you lived in Hawaii. I'll try to copy it and send it to you. It is so loving and full of you, even though now it seems like a long time ago.

We called Vicky this weekend to tell her that we would be Annie Jewel's guardians if that is what she wanted. She called us back and left us a message, sounding so happy and relieved. I don't believe that we ever will have to be
parents to Annie Jewel, but I'm glad to ease Vicky's mind.

Busy week this week at work. Friday night I'm coming into town from home for a co-worker/friend's birthday party. I feel like such an old fart, though. I'd rather just stay home with my bear watching movies in my pj's. Oh well. I know it will be fun and I'll get to see some friends who I wouldn't otherwise.

I put cucumber in juice for the first time the other day and it was yummy. Its funny, you know, I make all these weird veggie juices up and I think, okay, this is gonna be nasty. It never is. In fact, it always just tastes like those veggies.

Glad to hear you are still juicing some and getting a little exercise. Do you know that people our age are supposed to live to be over 100-- something like 110? We better all take good care, so we can be sharp and active and old at the same time.

Give sweetie and bunsoh a kiss from me when you see them.