Thursday, August 14, 2008

What was She thinking?

So, I was off to the post office to send of our home-schooling letter of intent for this year, when my cara spoza stopped me at the door:
Oh, get me some cranberry juice
... and some ice cream
... vanilla ice cream
... and some french vanilla yogurt
I informed her, half-way out the door, that she needed write me a shopping list. And, so, she did:The "Your L<3ve" is an on-going joke between us, for whenever she goes out on an outing, she unfailingly asks if I need anything, and my invariable answer is:
Yes: your love
so I guess she assumed that turn-about was fair play.

Queensbury rules, and all.

But let's ponder a moment here. We've been married coming up on 12 years now, so I put the question to you: "What was she thinking?" Really. She knows whenever I go out a shopping expedition ("Now, just get some orange marmalade, dear" "Yes, dear") I come back with possibly the requested item, but also at least, oh, one or two, or, oh, twenty-seven more things that, well, we have been longing for all our lives. She knows this; she knows it viscerally! So, as I see it, by her sending me out on a shopping quest for no more than three things is the red cape waved in front of the bull in a Royal Albert factory.

Duck and cover, people; duck and cover.

Actually, I was a good boy, I only purchased what she requested, but I wasn't sure which brand of cranberry juice would be to her liking, so I purchased two brands (Mama, can you believe the Safeway by the post office does not have Apple&Eve? That must be a sin!), and then I wasn't certain if she would also like to try the pomegranate juice, as I hear that has excellent medicinal and nutritive properties.

... and then I recalled that she was making hummus tomorrow (Beki's recipe), so I was sure that she'd like some falafel to go along with that (plunk went the "Near East" brand into the cart).

... and then she was making gnocchi with red sauce, and I remembered Nana's secret was to add 17 slices of prosciutto ("plunk") ... and then we had run out of nutella ("plunk-plunk") ... and she always loves making orange spritzers for the kids with ginger ale ("plunk") ... and I haven't had corned beef hash in a while, I'm sure she'd like to take a break from making breakfast this weekend ("plunk-plunk") ... and I haven't had Dasani water in such a long time, surely she wouldn't begrudge me this little additional purchase ("clunk").

Well, I did very well following the shopping list, so I went to the Swiss bakery to reward my prudence and picked up a couple of pieces of heaven apple strudel.

I drove home with the satisfaction that my cara spoza would be pleased at my moderation today.

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