Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Really strange" guy

Originally posted November 8, 2004:

So, I've survived (barely) the first day of a national conference, where they pulled me in from vacation 'cause I'm the point man on the project. *Sigh* it's nice to be so loved. First time meeting the majority of the experts, and, boy, were they in for a surprise! One of the experts, with whom I've been working with for a year, when I pointed out a technicality with one of the rules decided to give me some back-talk, so, I laid the smack down,

"Hey, ya wanna piece o' me? I'LL TAKE Y'ALL ON!"

This bellow kind of attracted attention to myself, as the other experts burst out laughing at the kid in the back corner posturing so extravagantly. One of the experts asked my boss's boss (he's new to the project), "Hey, can you keep control over your people?" He answered, martyred look on his face, wringing his hands: "I'm trying; I'm trying!"

So, at lunch, at the BBQ place (the boss like all kinds of foods, as long as they're pork and have been barbequed), I went around, pressing the flesh and meeting the experts: "Oh, you're the one who's going to beat us all up?" was the only question I got. On the ride back to the conference, the boss's boss said: "You know, Doug, I have to go on record: you're REALLY STRANGE!"

Huh? This from a guy who noted how, um, unique each member of the team was (and said how shocked he was that he found a project where he fit in). So, I guess that makes me "fringe" unique? Anyway, I tried for peace: "Well, I hope that otherwise my skills are helpful to the team and the project."

Deafening silence followed ...


... the boss's boss said: "*Ahem* Well, that was a deafening silence ..."

So, I'm hoping tomorrow they'll forget all about the day before (*cough*) ... anyway, the conference will start at 8 am, and it's 1 1/2 hour commute (ugh-ugh-ugh), so I think nature, in the form of lack of sleep, will take its course in transforming a REALLY STRANGE Doug to a quiet and subdued Doug (but, I hope, not a snoring Doug).

So, that's how my day went. One could, I suppose, say it was One Day in the Life of Doug Auclair, but I think somebody blatantly ripped off that title from me. Oh, the nerve of some people, jeez!

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diane said...

So I guess it was Halo 2 weekend because this new email is about the protracted vacation.

We're just back from staying overnight at Subic Freeport Zone — great beach swimming, whales, dolphins and sea lions up close, and a king-size bed for your 3 girls. Norman drove us in his van. We left Wednesday early at 6 a.m. and arrived at Camayan Beach Resort at around 10 a.m. with plenty of time to get really tan in the midday sun. Our cabana is right on the beach under coconut trees. The water is clear and cleared of rocks, cordoned off from the portion that is deeper and rocky. We ordered lunch that was served to us at our hut. It is not usually done but because there were so few people, we got the deluxe service. Ocean Adventure is a miniature version of San Diego's Sea World (I guess). It is owned by the same foreigner as the beach resort, and situated right next to the resort. (We all piled up in the van only to be driven a few hundred paces away!) Since there was only one other group there, we got the tour and the spiel (environmental, save-the-whale deal). The guide even had time to show us their "wildlife in need" area where they kept rescued animals. At the whale and dolphin show, one guide took a liking to Dennis, who got to touch and feed the whales. In exchange, they made Dennis give a hand signal to get drenched by a big splash from the whale. Isabel was thrilled to see her Tata Dennis that she squealed and pointed at him, as if to say, 'I know that guy!'

I can say that Elena loves the beach. Not the water because she hardly got wet, and not on purpose either. But she built her sand castle, rolled on the sand, laid down on the the sand, crawled on ... (you know!) All I can say is she's one bronze girl.

I think we are all much darker now. While I was talking to two ladies, one of them remarked to the other, "look at her nose!" which made me wonder 'my bridge is more prominent?' Then she continued, "her color is so even!" Okay, it isn't about my bridge but it's still a compliment. Another time, Omar overheard a group of women talk about my hair (which, by the way, was recently trimmed, and very nicely too). "Look at her beautiful hair. But her highlight is white!" [as opposed to the more popular blonde?]

Everyone in the family is seriously talking about eating less. All of us feel we're overeating yet each time we are ordering food, we pick the tuna belly, crispy pata, calamares. Then my parents start discussing about taking Lipitor (now? or will we still be eating high-cholesterol food later?) We're only happy about Isabel's weight gain. As you know, nobody can be losing weight under their watch. (What would Lola say? :-) Elena's pickier about her food and not eating that much veggies. At least she's eating her mangoes.

Speaking of Lola, she had replied to a congratulatory email that Mama sent to her. She also commented about "getting clearance for one of your sons to travel back here with Diane. However were you able to manage it after so many unsuccessful tries? (Or maybe it's best not to reveal such things in
e-mail.)" Mama asked me what your mom meant. I explained that perhaps your mom thought that we had asked Ian for assistance. (Or offered money? That's something that would definitely fall under 'not to be revealed in email.') Anyway, I left it up to her to figure out and reply.

Can you believe that there are only 20 more days left in our vacation (yours and mine)? I am looking forward to going back and establishing new routines for the girls. The TV watching is to be addressed, as well as the eating habits. I am almost sure that I won't put Elena back at Angelus Academy for spring sem. That would give me time to work on communicating better with her and reestablishing our hierarchy/authority. Isabel requires more direct attention and not independent play. I sure don't want to leave her alone to simply learn vicariously. I am already thinking about organizing the house in such a way that our sleeping arrangements will improve. Then there's that whole laundry room situation. Elena is definitely ready to help me in my chores and I am ready to set it up for her!

I hope you are enjoying your 'alone time' as much as I am enjoying re-connecting with my friends and family. I know I will miss the almost unnoticed help that I get from staying here (lemme see--no laundry, cooking, cleaning, driving, thinking about the house...) and the fact that I can just text to or call up my friends just because. But then, I can already imagine you playing with the girls and talking to us about all the stuff you just email about and our group hugs and our starbucks time and ... our family.

Missing you lots and hoping that you'll get to call this weekend.